SOTHIS was founded by Wolfgang Steinkrüger in 1996.

Because of his love for collecting watches, Wolfgang Steinkrüger created his own watch and one year later went into series after receiving many inquiries. So began the first model “SPIRIT OF MOON”; with a diameter of 39mm and 3 different face variations.

These models were greeted with great enthusiasm by watch fans worldwide. It was quickly realised that watch making was a full-time job and not something one could do in their spare time.

After careful consideration, Wolfgang Steinkrüger decided to retire from his profession as Advertising and Production Designer of his own Advertising Agency in Bielefeld in order to spend his full time in designing and producing top quality limited Editions of mechanised watches. Now, 10 years later, the actual collection consists of 13 models. A number of the models designed since 1997 have reached their limitation and are no longer available.