The Cases

The first of our watches was designed with a case which through its size and optic had a totally new and unique appearance against all other names on the market. Although watchcase producers had their doubts that only with great effort could a watch case like ours be manufactured, we held onto our beliefs.

Contrary to the Astronomical name, the three rings which adorn every watchcase reflect the elements Earth, Water and Air. After only a short time, our watchcase design was easily recognisable, thus, each of our watches seen on the wrist is immediately known to be as a SOTHIS watch.

In the meantime, we have improved the design of the casing so much, that all parts, such as the bezel, bottom, but also the complicated watchstrap horns are affixed by screws. This allows us to dismantle all parts and even years later re-assemble, as new. The watchstrap horn can be individually replaced, when necessary. We are proud to be able to claim that we assemble one of the most perfect watches in the world.