The Name

How was the name found? Where did the name SOTHIS come from?

It would have been far too simple to have bought an ”easy on the ear” name with a long history. This however was never in question. The philosophy of the founder was that a new watch should have a new and unique name and so the name SOTHIS was chosen.

In the astrology, SOTHIS can be compared with the star SIRIUS which is to be found in the constellation of CANIS MAJOR (Big Dog).

As the brightest star in the northern winter sky, this star was celebrated in the old Egyptian mythology as the Goddess SOTHIS who showed the old Egyptians not only the changing of the old to new years, but also the times when the River Nile would be flooded, thus flooding the fields with fertile Nile sediment which resulted in a good harvest.

A minor factor for the name SOTHIS was that it can be pronounced without difficulty in almost any language.