The Quality

Every individual piece of the watch is stringently controlled by our staff on delivery to our company. Any imperfections or faults are immediately reclaimed from the suppliers or brought up to perfect condition in accordance to our top quality standards by our own craftsmen.

Only through such measures can we be sure of delivering top quality watches. The watches are assembled with the same care. Each movement is given a coating of first class long life oil before assembly. Special gloves are warn when setting the face and hands.

After this phase, the movement with all its components is fitted into the casing. The watch is then tested on a 5 stage chronometer and regulated.

The last step is to test its water resistance under sub-atmospheric end excessive pressure conditions, also, a 240 hour test on a rotary machine with daily controls of all functions of the watch. Only after these procedures have been completed is the watch ready for delivery, with my personal signature documented on the Guarantee-Certificate.

With regular service and proper care, you purchase a watch which will bring you pleasure for generations to come.