• Sothis was founded in 1990 by Wolfgang & Karina Steinkrüger.

  • The company bought its movements and hands in Switzerland from established suppliers while all other parts and the assembling were made in Germany. 

  • In 1998 the Sothis watch “Spirit of the moon” won a prize in the “Goldene Unruh” competition in Basel, the most prestigious award in the watch industry.

  • Unfortunately, Wolfgang Steinkrüger during 2010 was attainted by a serious illness and passed away in March 2012.

  • Sothis Ltd. acquired the assets of the company in December 2012.

  • The new owners, some of them with a huge background in the global luxury watches industry, modified the successful products of the original range. They added a new company philosophy, transfered the production to switzerland and will re-launch the brand in July 2013.